Memoirs of a Contemporary Jezebel*

Wild polyester tales from stripper stages and silky adventures through sexual minefields. Part creative memoir, part confessional, and wholly authentic, I'm Not Naked is raw, witty and sometimes uproariously funny. Sonya is either slaying dragons or sprinkling fairy dust in each of these tragic and triumphant chapters. A great read from one of Canada’s most celebrated and respected artists.
*G-string and pasties not included.

"This honest book will take you on a wild journey. Her stories made me cry, laugh and everything in between. I find myself wanting to be brave and brassy just like her."


"This book is startlingly frank. Lives and loves built and lost, inhibitions trampled underfoot. I vacillate between awe, admiration and envy."


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Jezebel’s Boudoir a
Collection of Elegant Erotica
Hot stories marinated in love!

Ditch the notion that erotica is cheesy and unsatisfying, Jezebels Boudoir can take you to another dream dimension of sensual satisfaction.
This collection is a heady brew of sex, brains and unleashed love. High literature erotica for men and women: these stories will have you standing at attention and open to new sexual possibilities.

"A grown-up version of 50 Shades of Grey, without the psychopath! Sonya’s stories are much less dramatic and much more satisfying!"


"Sonya’s erotica totally tickled my sexual desires, and sparked me to add a little more sensuality to my sex game. My partner says thanks and so do I! "


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Jezebel's Conversation...
Sexual boundaries and clear communication

We are in the midst of a new evolution on how to communicate with each other, let Sonya’s experience and passion take you to the next level of mindful masculinity and fierce femininity.

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