Exclusive Mentoring

SEXOLOGY 101 – For mature adults only
Ask me anything… really - ANYTHING!

Exclusive private sex education for men and women. This is a clothes-on, no-touching experience. A safe space to ask ANY question about sex, sensuality and pleasing yourself and a lover.

Ask me about...

  • Bringing fun and fabulousness into your sex life.
  • How to strip for your lover.
  • Finding your body comfort.
  • How to get what you want in bed, by yourself or with another.
  • How porno and vibrators have harmed human interactions, and how to bring back deep connections with another.
  • Shifting negative sexual patterns.
  • Rising above physical, mental and emotional challenges to create a healthy sexual relationship(s).

Includes a compiled PDF of localized sources & links of interest.
Single- or Multi-Session Plans available.
Starting at $599 per exclusive session.
90 minute One-on-One/Couple Online Skype Session.

Please read the Sexology Policy PDF for more details prior to any mentoring.

Industry Guidance for New or Young Artists
Exclusive Mentoring for those wanting to be professional artists in Canada.

Love to perform but don’t know where to begin?
Is your child a natural performer and wants to break into "the business"
Find reputable sources and get solid industry advice. Sonya will help you save money, mental angst and precious time; includes reputable courses, instructors and union affiliations.

Assistance with:

  • Confidence and comfort in front of an audience, on camera, stage and with a microphone.
  • Avoid getting ripped off in the industry! A reputable list of contacts available.
  • Overcome stage fright.
  • The auditioning process: what to expect, what to prepare, and how to present.
  • Open Mic advice for singers and Improv Help for performers.
  • YouTube Channel – covers vs originals.
  • Current list of studios (photographers & music and more), professional classes and instructors.

Please read the Artist Policy PDF for more details prior to any mentoring.

$499.00 per session
A 90 minute One-on-One Skype Session.
Follow Up Sessions $199.00 per 50 minutes.

Artist Testimonials

I’m so thankful that I have Sonya in my life! Her advice on stage fright got me on the right track and then, she was encouraging and went out of her way to connect me in the music business. She still mentors me and has lots of good advice along the way. 
Alexander Stewart - Singer


It thrills me now to know that I have become, myself, a (redheaded) jazz singer, all because this strong female guided and inspired me to be my own grown up Redhead, in my own way. 
Alex Pangman - Juno Award Winning Singer


Sonya took me under her wing and was warm, welcoming and generous from the moment I first called her. She has helped me to turn my passion into a business. Sonya’s "can do" attitude, professionalism and fearlessness are what make her successful as a person, mentor and businesswoman. I’m grateful she got me started on the right path and continues to mentor me along the way.
Kristin Bussandri, singer/ voice actor 


I have yet to meet anyone as enthusiastic & open as Sonya Cote!​ I was immediately struck by her readiness to help me​ to ​find my ​direction & answered so many questions about the world of voice acting. ​Her interest and eagerness to keep me on track, coupled with some humorous anecdotes about her own experience, taught me some truly important lessons I’ll never forget. Among them, tenacity and passion are key. Sonya remains my mentor & is unwavering in her support.
Charles Kouri, voice actor


At our very first meeting, Sonya helped convince me to take the leap and augment my skills in another business adventure, now successful. Sonya is such a warm and inviting spirit.
Kevin Braithwaite - Actor/Voice talent


Email to book an introductory phone session with Sonya.

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