Exclusive Mentoring

SEXOLOGY 101 – For mature adults only
Ask me anything… really - ANYTHING!

Exclusive private sex education for men and women. This is a clothes-on, no-touching experience. A safe space to ask ANY question about sex, sensuality and pleasing yourself and a lover.

Ask me about...

  • Bringing fun and fabulousness into your sex life.
  • How to strip for your lover.
  • Finding your body comfort.
  • How to get what you want in bed, by yourself or with another.
  • How porno and vibrators have harmed human interactions, and how to bring back deep connections with another.
  • Shifting negative sexual patterns.
  • Rising above physical, mental and emotional challenges to create a healthy sexual relationship(s).

Includes a compiled PDF of localized sources & links of interest.
Single- or Multi-Session Plans available.
Starting at $599 per exclusive session.
90 minute One-on-One/Couple Online Skype Session.

Please read the Sexology Policy PDF for more details prior to any mentoring.

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